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Brain Wars

Sometimes the BEST NEW IDEAS and/or work comes from HS, S.T.E.M., College and/or Graduate Students, professors or total “unknowns” in the industry!!! With OVER 6.5 Million resources and/or members our capabilities are ROBUST……….
Introducing BRAIN WARS!!!

 *Do you have a Problem??? Need a NEW Idea or Concept? Want to “think outside the box?” If so…………..Let them COMPETE!!!!

 Intellen is the leader in terms of dreaming, creating & supporting advanced concepts. Institutions & corporations present tough problems and the Nation’s BEST resources (Students, Professors, Industry Veterans and Unknowns) compete to produce the #1 best solutions.

 ***At the end of a competition, the competition host awards prizes in exchange for the intellectual property behind the winning product.

This scenario is a TRUE Win-Win for everyone involved…The institution receives the “best” overall product at a discounted fixed-price…The Winner receives cash and notoriety…And—even those who do not win still gain valuable expertise and working-knowledge of a complex educational issue. Our community of students, professionals and colleagues is comprised of experts from fields such as computer science, statistics, economics, mathematics, multimedia, physics, engineering, social sciences, the arts, etc…

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Many corporations and organizations don’t have great access to the “masses” in terms of Academic talent. Meanwhile, professionals and students ALL desire real-world challenges to help them grow professionally and strategically. INTELLEN offers companies and organizations a very cost-effective and robust way to harness this ‘surplus’ of the WORLDS absolute BEST Talent!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our large, GLOBAL Academic community comprises experts from many S.T.E.M. fields and industries (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, econometrics, chemistry, avionics, nano-technology, physics, etc….), social sciences, the arts, language and much more...

They come from EVERY country and nearly every University, College, S.T.E.M. school, MS, HS and various types of industry. In addition to prize money & fame, they use INTELLEN to learn, network, and collaborate with experts from related fields across the world.


We charge 15% of the total prize amount for our services. Hence--if a prize is $10,000 we accept $1500. If a prize is $50,000 we accept $7500 and so on....Everything else (85%) goes to the winning person or team.

The future is NOW……….. Interested in learning more about our competitions?

****eMail or simply click on the “contact us” link on the bottom right of the screen.