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7/25 Wine News

Daily update  July 23, 2019
Back To School: Wine Books That Put You At The Head Of The Class
The demand for wine and spirits education is higher than ever, reports the London-based Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET). The organization ...
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Can't Knock the Hustle: Hip Hop and the Future of Wine
The sun was setting behind a group of wine professionals at a party on a Brooklyn rooftop when their conversation suddenly became animated.
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Cheez-It and Boxed Wine Come Bundled Together in This Unexpected Summer Collaboration
You may not often (or ever) chat with a sommelier, but most will tell you that there is a wine for everything. While there's never really been a reason to ...
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A New Wine Bar in the Lloyd District Will Let Portlanders Taste Pricy Wines by the Ounce, Glass ...
Portland's not done with its wine bar boom: a sleek, new wine bar, bottle shop, and private dining space is coming to the Lloyd District on July 29, ...
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Unique wine storage opens in Santa Barbara's Haley Street Corridor
A unique wine storage room has opened at Carr Winery in the Haley Street Corridor area of Santa Barbara. The secure site is part of the Carr wine ...
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How To Find Great Wine At A Grocery Store For Under $20
The seriousness of wine and its stereotypical supporters is intimidating to many would-be drinkers. Indeed, some devote their entire lives to the liquid.
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What The White Wine Emoji Says About How We Communicate In 2019
If approved, this version of a wine glass could be made available to users as soon as platforms implement it, with an expectation near spring 2020.
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Wine, etc.: These premium reds will change your thinking on Australian wine
There was once a time in our life when it seemed like all we were drinking were wines from Australia — shiraz, viognier, chardonnay, grenache and ...
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Discover Lugana, Italy's Lesser-Known White Wine
Elegant, structured and delicious, wines from the tiny Italian region of Lugana are some of the country's premier white bottlings. Made from Turbiana, a ...
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Here's How One Brilliant Woman Turned a Red Wine Stain into a Fashion Statement
Although we would never consider giving it up, there are a few inescapable pitfalls to drinking red wine — namely that it's a glass full of permanent ...
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