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2/14 Autonomous News

NEWS ATA Chairman Dave Manning Discusses Autonomous, Electric Trucks Transport Topics Online NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Two fleet executives doubt fully autonomous or electric trucks will revolutionize the longhaul truckload industry in the near future, foreseeing instead a gradual evolution for these technologies. Speaking at the NATSO Connect conference, TCW Inc. President and American Trucking ... Flag as irrelevant Skydio R1 is an autonomous drone that will film all your awesome adventures TechRadar The drone is built on an autonomous engine that combines artificial intelligence, robotics and computer vision techniques into one robust system. Autonomy isn't just a feature; it's at the very core of the device. Naturally, it needs cameras to do all this, and to that end the R1 is equipped with 13 cameras ... Skydio launches R1 – an autonomous flying...

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Apple (AAPL) Reportedly Reveals Research on Autonomous Cars Yahoo News Per a Reuters report, Apple Inc. AAPL scientists Yin Zhou and Oncel Tuzel presented a research report on autonomous vehicles to online journal, ... Flag as irrelevant Apple (AAPL) Reportedly Reveals Research on Autonomous Cars Nasdaq Per a Reuters report , Apple Inc.AAPL scientists Yin Zhou and Oncel Tuzel presented a research report on autonomous vehicles to online journal, arXiv on Nov 17. The paper talks ... On its August conference call, CEO Timothy Donald Cook said, "autonomy is the mother of all AI projects". He mentioned ... Apple Just Released Its First Official Self-Driving Car Research - Inverse Apple's self-driving vehicle plans detailed in new research paper - Digit Full Coverage Flag as irrelevant Airbus explores 1-pilot, autonomous aircraft Honolulu Star-Advertiser Airbus SE is looking to...

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11/3 Autonomous News

NEWS Arbe Robotics raises $9M to build high-resolution radars for autonomous cars TechCrunch As carmakers and tech companies continue to improve the mechanics and reliability of self-driving cars, Arbe Robotics, a Tel Aviv startup developing a ... Flag as irrelevant Sony's autonomous concept would make a great party bus Engadget It can be operated autonomously, or driven, and Sony claims that the image sensors placed around the car are sensitive enough (and the displays ... Sony SC-1 autonomous shuttle bus wants to transport and entertain - SlashGear Sony introduces new autonomous 5G enable concept car - Business Recorder (press release) (blog) Full Coverage Flag as irrelevant Optimus Ride Drives Off With $18M for Autonomous Vehicle Tech Xconomy Optimus Ride and NuTonomy are both Boston-based MIT spinouts working on autonomous vehicle technology. Four-year-old NuTonomy raised at ... Fully Autonomous Vehicle Developer Optimus Ride...

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05/16/2017 Robotic News

NEWS Gecko-inspired gripper could help robots climb walls Science Magazine If you want a robot to pick up a coffee cup, a cherry tomato, or a bag of packaged food, you'll have to deal with a lot of programming and quite possibly ... Flag as irrelevant Virtual Top Hats Allow Swarming Robots to Fly in Tight Formation Georgia Tech News Center “Ground robots have had built-in safety 'bubbles' around them for a long time to avoid crashing,” said Magnus Egerstedt, the Georgia Tech School of ... Flag as irrelevant Japanese Companies Turn To Robots To Address Shortage Of Labor NDTV Tokyo: Desperate to overcome Japan's growing shortage of labor, mid-sized companies are planning to buy robots and other equipment to automate a ......

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5/7/2017 Robotics/Autonomous News

Robots Daily update ⋅ May 7, 2017 NEWS The big issue: robots will only be a danger when used for malign ends The Guardian The big issue: robots will only be a danger when used for malign ends. Artificial intelligence is ... C-3PO and R2-D2 were benign robots in Star Wars. Flag as irrelevant Robots, dry ice and drones attract kids to Las Vegas science expo Las Vegas Review-Journal Dinosaurs, dry ice, robots and video games captured the imaginations of hundreds of children at the Giant Science & Technology Expo at Cashman ... Flag as irrelevant Schafer: When robots do the work, is it time for a guaranteed income? Minneapolis Star Tribune These may seem like odd questions for a for-profit...

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